Yasemin Sarıhan 

 currently studying at 
 Rhode Island School of Design 

 she’s interested in creating work that   juxtaposes chaos and structure    

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Production/Exhibition Design 

Design is a form of sorting. The designer takes disparate elements and strings them together; remixed and recombined. Charged with the unending task of forging new connections, we have tediously aligned type to page, gathered content for books, and compiled assets for websites. While discursive, sorting becomes a way to retain control. It implies a tangible end to the process. So often, each design decision leads to some envisioned ‘end.’ Sort Later is about letting go of ideas of finality and instead celebrating the work in progress, the liminal, and the unanswered. [From the Curatorial Statement]

Worked on the exhibition design and production for the RISD Graphic Design 2023 senior show. 

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Sharlene Deng, Matthew Cuschieri
Mizuki Hanada, Anita Huang, Matthew Cuschieri,   Emma Noel, Henry Spuria, Iris Xie

Sharlene Deng, Mio Kosaka, Monet Fukawa, Truman Lesak, Sofia Santana, Yasemin Sarıhan
Max Biedler, Jingyu Feng, Truman Lesak, Valia Liu, Wayne Luan
Truman Lesak, Henry Spuria, Emma Noel, Iris Xie

Sharlene Deng, Mio Kosaka, Monet Fukawa,
Mizuki Hanada, Anmol Govinda Rao, Ashley Yae

Max Biedler, Iris Cho, Matthew Cuschieri, Sharlene Deng, Mio Kosaka, Monet Fukawa, Mizuki Hanada, Anmol Govinda Rao, Ashley Yae, Jingyu Feng, Annita Huang, Wayne Luan, Emma Noel, Nishta Nanda, Nathaniel Krohn, Amy Lim, Maxton O’Connor, Jessica Perkins, Alex Zhu, Karen Zhou, Iris Xie, Henry Spuria, Yasemin Sarhan



Event Art Direction

Hackathon+ was a 24 hour long event with six local artists/ designers to reuse and design with Nike’s trash and material residue. The event wasinspired by Nike’s “Move to Zero” campaign and the “Space Hippie” sneakers, which were also created using excess material in their inventory. The campaign and the event was designed to promote sustainability as
a lifestyle and a means of creativity and collaborative production. The space was also designed using the material from Nike’s warehouse in Istanbul, as well as excess material sourced from local studios, production warehouses. Throughout the day, artists produced various pieces of design work both individually and collaboratively.

Creative Director: Furkan Temir
Project Manager: Kardelen Aslan
Art director: Yasemin Sarıhan
Videographer: Elif Gönen
Photography: Abdullah Yazıç
Set Design: Alles Gut Ist
Artists: Alican Okan, Begüm Aydın,
Burak Koçak, Ilgın Uçar, Selver Yıldırım,
Tamer Nakışçı, Rafi Batu

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  3   MILLER KNOLL                     WRL


This branding project for MillerKnoll Workplace Research Library was inspired by elements of previous Herman Miller and Knoll workplace designs and the merging of the two companies. Taking ideas of collaboration, open work spaces, spatial dynamism and modularity from both Knoll’s Antenna workplace designs as well as Robert Propst’s “Action Office,” designed with Herman Miller, this brand identity aims to highlight how people and furniture work together in a
shared space.

“Color, material and finish are used for articulation of different functions, expression of personality and comfort.” (Antenna Systems)

Taking a lot of inspiration from this quote alone,
the brand identity highlights the history of both brands’ office designs by the simple use of red in the guidelines. The modular form of the logo as well as the use of white space acts as a window into the workplace while showcasing the multifunctionality of simple modular elements. The logo and all of the assets in this brand identity is structured around the idea of dynamic change and restruction of space that both brands have achieved in their
workspace designs.

This project was designed for Design Studio 4 in Rhode Island School of Design.



Immersive Experience

This immersive experience was made for Interdiscplinary Critique to complete my concentration in Computation, Culture and Technology. I wanted to create an interactive spacethat completely activated with participation.The space had two strobes reacting to th bpm of the song as well a live projection responding to the participants’ movement.

Interdisciplinary Critique with Minkyoung Kim,  in Rhode Island School of Design



Poster Design / Branding 

Poster and identity design for the hypothetical 2021 RISD Artist Ball theme, Nocturne. The word nocturne makes me think of mystery and darkness as well as elegance and dismal beauty.  A big influence for the design was Alva Noto’s music, specifically HYbr:ID oval p-dance. With these keywords in mind I designed this custom type for the title, setting the tone for the rest of the design.

Type design process / sketch for promotional video

Ticket design. 



Book/ Web Design

Typeset Paul Kingsnorth’s Language of the Master essay both in printed and digital form.

With the website design, the book was transformed into a more dynamic and interactive version of itself. The pixelated background changed as the mouse was moved around, revealing and hiding different parts of the essay.




Pubilcation design for an interview with the founders of Istanbul based brand Désolé, Emilie and Oliver Lassen. 


  8   RISDxHMG                               RESEARCH                             COLLABORATIVE 


Program manual designed for the RISDxHMG Research Collaborative.

Designed for RISD Strategic Partnerships with the Design Guild. 



Interactive Installation

Form Generator is a system intended to create textures/ forms generated by human movement.
The item depends on the participant’s arm movement to generate texture by dragging their own threshold image across the screen. As the video is being dragged around it overlaps and blends with traces
of the same video feed, creating a complex
*Made using p5.js.

Dancing demonstration using the Form Generator.




Ethical Leaking is a zine questioning the ethics
of surveillance both online and offline. Although the photos in the zine are of strangers taken in an invasive manner, through heavy editing and distortion their faces remain anonymous.

The inspiration to title this piece “Ethical Leaking” came from Metahaven’s Black Transparency: The Right to Know in the Age
of Mass Surveillance.